Community Fund

Sologenic is a community-focused project, founded on the belief that cryptocurrency is used in any way imaginable, by anyone in the world. The Sologenic supporters all share this belief when participating in Sologenic’s programs and community funds.

SOLO Community Fund (SCF)

Sologenic is committed to building the infrastructure required for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies. The SCF’s purpose is to help the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem grow. The fund is used to develop decentralized community-based projects, community events, and emergency situations. The first initiative funded by the SCF is Sologenic’s XRP Bounty Program.

Community Participation Program

Sologenic deploys a specific algorithm to analyze the community feedback in different events such as SCF, allowing SOLO holders to participate in the selection process. The weight of the SOLO holder’s participation power in community events depends on the number of SOLO coins they hold. For example, if a user holds 100 SOLO coins, this translates to 100 points. In contrast, a user with one SOLO coin has one point towards influencing outcomes.