SOLO TV is an entertaining, fun, and informative YouTube series about cryptocurrency created by the Sologenic team. This series will feature the latest cryptocurrency news and market updates. SOLO TV will also include interviews with prominent people in cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.

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Meet SOLO TV Host

Brent Hirose

Award-winning Actor, Writer & Voice-over Artist based in Vancouver, Canada

I’m very excited to be hosting SOLO TV and bringing this information in a fun, easily digestible format. As a tech nerd who is expanding their own crypto knowledge through this process, I hope to make the show a great jumping in point for newbies who are thinking of dipping their toes in cryptocurrency, while also offering interviews with top minds in the industry that long time fanatics will enjoy.

SOLO TV Latest Episodes


Interview with Vansa, CEO of OMG Network, $SOLO & DigiByte News, Answers to Bitcoin Q’s.

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Vansa Chatikavanij

CEO, OMG Network

Vansa became CEO of OMG Network in 2019. She was previously part of World Bank Group as a water resources specialist and of Marine Biological Laboratory as a researcher.


Brent Hirose interviews Jay Zhou, COO of Loopring.News on BTC, SOLO & XRP.

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Jay Zhou

COO, Loopring

Jay Zhou is the Chief Operating Officer at Loopring. Built off of Ethereum, Loopring is working towards upending traditional notions of currency and establishing the next generation of finance.


Brent Hirose interviews David Hanekom CMO of Solve.Care. News on Ripple, $XRP, SOLO and BTC Bullrun.

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Dr. David Hanekom

Chief Medical Officer & President, North America at Solve.Care

Dr. Hanekom has 30 years of experience and addresses the growing healthcare needs of North America.

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Ben Geortzel

CEO of SingularityNET
Dr. Ben Geortzel is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher and the CEO of SingularityNET.

Timothy E. Burke

Co-Founder and CEO of RUON AI and Sovereignsky
Founder and CEO of the social media app, RUON AI, and SovereignSky, a blockchain platform aimed at eradicating global poverty.

Dmitri Litvinovich

CPO, CoinField
Dmitri’s background includes more than ten years of C-Level role in some of the most successful securities & derivatives trading platforms in the EU.