Sologenic SDKs are essential for seamless integration of back-end and front-end applications to interact with the XRP Ledger.

The main toolkit to provide such capability is the sologenic-xrpl-stream-js which is written in TypeScript.

The sologenic-xrpl-stream-js enables clients to communicate and submit transactions to the XRP Ledger seamlessly and reliably.

This library provides reliable transaction handling following the guide provided by Reliable Transactions Submissions

Once a transaction is submitted, it is queued either using a Hash-based in-memory queue (non-persistent, ideal for front-end) or a Redis (persistent, ideal for backend). Transactions are queued and dispatched in sequence. Account sequence numbers, ledgerVersions and fees are also handled for each transaction that is being dispatched.

Events are reported back to the client using a global EventEmitter and transaction-specific EventEmitter. This allows clients to track the statuses of their transactions and take actions based on the results.

Production uses:

  • SOLO ReactNative Wallet
  • SOLO React Electron Wallet

In general, there are two types of users who would benefit from using this library:

  • Exchanges or users with large volumes of transactions who want to ensure they receive reliable delivery and can get event notifications throughout the transactions validation process.
  • Users who do not want to deal with transaction dispatching, validations, and errors on the XRPL.