SOLO Expansion Fund (SEF)

The purpose of the SOLO Expansion Fund “SEF” is to grow the Sologenic ecosystem directly, increase its global reach, and help to increase the value of the SOLO coin in the long term to protect all the initial HODLers. This fund goes towards the marketing and promotional activities for the Sologenic ecosystem, such as listing fees for SOLO on global exchanges, summits, gatherings, and worldwide marketing campaigns explicitly promoting the Sologenic ecosystem and SOLO coins as well as community Airdrops.

SOLO Expansion Fund “SEF” wallet has a total number of 60M SOLO, which is equal to 15% of the total supply of Sologenic. After the initial review of the ecosystem, the SOLO core team has decided to assign a small portion of this fund to create the SOLO Savings Program “SSP” to help the market price stability. At the same time, the loyal SOLO HODLers will get rewarded by staking SOLO into this program.

SOLO Savings Program (SSP)

The SSP is a community airdrop program exclusive to the SOLO community. Rewards will be distributed to loyal SOLO HODLers who stake and lock their SOLO holdings for some time. The rewards range from 6% to 20% per annum year and are distributed daily. The program is being launched in partnership with CoinField Exchange.

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What’s the size of the rewards pool for SSP?

SSP is a limited-time program with a maximum of 2% of “SEF” holdings which is equal to 1.2M SOLO. Once this amount is completely distributed, the program continuity will be evaluated and may be suspended.Learn about SEF

Who is Eligible?

Any SOLO HODLers who hold a minimum of 100 SOLO in their wallets can enroll in this program. This program is not available to the residents, citizens, or legal entities of the US and Canada. Users must pass the KYC & AML procedure on and have at least a “Pro Account”.Visit

What are the rewards percentage & lock-up time?

Depending on the programs, the rewards range from 6% to 20% per annum year, and the rewards are being distributed on a daily basis. The reward calculation is simple interest (not compound). For example, If a user enrolled in a two-year program with 100,000 SOLO, she/he will be rewarded a total of 40,000 SOLO for two years.

More information can be found on Sologenic’s blog

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Receive Between 6% and 20% in Annual Rewards

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