Important Announcement: Learn How to Claim CORE Airdrop for SOLO Holders - 12 Snapshots to be taken in 2022.

Important Announcement: Learn How to Claim CORE Airdrop for SOLO Holders - 12 Snapshots to be taken in 2022.

The DeFi Virtual Event of 2020


DeFixSOLO was the highlight crypto event in 2020, exploring how DeFi is reshaping the global economy. DeFixSOLO hosted the globe’s pinnacle emerging crypto leaders, blockchain advocates, and traditional financial markets.

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40,000+ stocks, ETFs, & commodities


DeFixSOLO 2020!

Sologenic introduced the Tokenizing Asset Simulator at the event. Participants presented their questions at the AMA about our new platform and it was a resounding success!

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The community asked and we answered! Watch Sologenic's Co-Creator Reza Bashash & Sologenic's Chief Product Officer, Dmitri Litvinovich answer your questions.

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Meet the host

Presented by award-winning actor, voice-over artist, and the host of SOLO TV, Brent Hirose.

Brent Hirose

Event Host

Keynote Speakers

Leading industry experts shared their thoughts at DeFiXSOLO 2020.

Bob Ras

Co-creator of Sologenic

Reza Bashash

Co-creator of Sologenic

Opening Remarks Keynote

As the Co-creator of Sologenic, Bob is excited to welcome you to DeFixSOLO and share more about the Sologenic ecosystem.

Bob has established several ventures within the manufacturing, tech, and marketing industries. His manufacturing businesses have over a hundred distribution outlets in 62 countries worldwide. In 2018, Bob switched his focus to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with one goal in mind: to create a new financial ecosystem for the new era.

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Reza will be highlighting asset tokenization on the XRP Ledger

Reza is an experienced engineer with a demonstrated history of working in Artificial Intelligence and Fintech sectors over the past ten years. Reza has founded several successful tech companies throughout his career and has proven to be a solid entrepreneur with a proven track record.

With his in-depth blockchain knowledge, Reza has built his reputation amongst the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities and is an influential blockchain advocate.

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Dr. Ben Goertzel

CEO & Founder of the SingularityNET

Michael Stephens

Partner at Fasken

How AI will Revolutionize Decentralized Finance

Dr. Goertzel discusses the effects of bringing AI, the most disruptive technological invention of all time, into the financial sector.

Dr. Ben Goertzel is the CEO SingularityNET, a blockchain-based AI platform company. He also serves as the Chief Science Advisor of Hanson Robotics, where he led the team in developing the AI software for the Sophia robot. Dr. Goertzel is also the Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society, the OpenCog Foundation, the Decentralized AI Alliance and the futurist nonprofit Humanity+.

Dr. Goertzel is one of the world’s foremost experts in Artificial General Intelligence, a subfield of AI. This field is oriented toward creating thinking machines with general cognitive capability at the human level and beyond. He has decades of expertise applying AI to practical problems in areas ranging from natural language processing and data mining to robotics, video gaming, national security, and bioinformatics.

Michael Stephens is a leading information technology law Partner at Fasken with a focus on FinTech. As an experienced M&A and securities lawyer, Stephens counsels emerging growth companies from their foundation all the way to IPO or an exit event. Mike also advises founders, executives and company boards on corporate issues, business strategy, fundraising and board governance, and strategic transactions.

Jeff Dorman

Chief Investment Officer Arca

Hilary Carter

Managing Director of the BRI

Felix Mago

Co-Founder of Dash NEXT

DeFi: Follow the Money Trail for Governance

Jeff's presentation will analyze why DeFi matters, how revenues are created, and how that revenue will be extracted and distributed to token holders

Jeff Dorman is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Arca, a full-service investment management firm offering institutional-caliber digital assets products. At Arca, Jeff leads the investment committee and is responsible for portfolio sizing and risk management. He has nearly two decades of experience in asset management and trading, previously serving as the COO of Harvest Exchange, a top FinTech firm. At Harvest Exchange, Jeff built a social platform that is widely utilized by asset managers and investors.

Monetizing the Physical World & Disintermediating Finance

Hilary addresses the idea of tokenizing and monetizing our physical property as well as natural capital assets .

Hilary Carter is the Managing Director and Director of Research at the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). The BRI is an established blockchain think-tank that helps leaders in business and government navigate blockchain technology.

Hilary uses her expertise to build a team of blockchain experts to conduct the definitive study into the technology’s applications and use cases in enterprise and government.

Dash and DeFi for everyone!

Felix discusses the potential for the global adoption of decentralized finance.

Felix is Co-Founder of Dash NEXT. Dash is the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments. Dash NEXT is focused on biz-dev and partnerships. With Dash Thailand, he has established the first crypto payment ecosystem in Asia. Felix published the “Bitcoin Handbook”, is Co-Founder of FUTERIO and the Blocktech Institute. Felix focus is on DeFi, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized businesses. He recently became a guest professor for Blockchain at UCLA.

The Panel

This panel examined the DeFi space through the lens of investors interested in evaluating both opportunities and pitfalls in this compelling area.

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Charles Bovaird

Panel moderator

Carolyn Reckhow


Santiago Roel


Hans Koning


Piers Ridyard


Vice President of Content for Quantum Economics & Senior Contributor for Forbes.

Charles Bovaird is a financial writer and editor with strong knowledge of asset markets and investing concepts. Currently, he serves as Vice President of Content for financial services firm Quantum Economics and is a Senior Contributor for Forbes. He has worked for financial institutions including State Street, Moody's Analytics and Citizens Commercial Banking.

Head of Business at Keep Network

Carolyn has a background in social science and organizational systems research and has been working in crypto for over 4 years. She was most recently at Casa (a bitcoin personal key management company) as Head of Operations and Client Services. Previously, she was Director of Global Operations and an early employee at the blockchain venture studio ConsenSys, where she focused on scaling the company to ~800 and expansion in San Francisco, London, and other cities.

Partner ParaFi Capital

Santiago is a partner at ParaFi Capital, a San Francisco-based alternative investment firm focused on blockchain and decentralized finance markets. Santiago previously served at JPMorgan Investment Banking and as a tech investor at Sageview Capital.

Co -Founder and Chair of DigiByte Foundation

Drs. Koning serves as the chair of the DigiByte Foundation, with 5+ years of involvement in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency community. Hans is currently pursuing a PhD on academic research and insights of governance on the public blockchain.

CEO of Radix

Piers is the CEO of Radix, the first layer-one protocol for the DeFi industry. Piers leads the company’s mission to transform decentralized finance with secure, scalable solutions. In 2015, Piers launched Surematics, a blockchain company serving the insurance industry, which was accepted to YCombinator in 2017 and acquired soon after.

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