Why XRP Ledger?

The Sologenic ecosystem is built on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). The XRPL offers features such as fast transaction times, low fees, and a built-in decentralized exchange. Sologenic is the most ambitious project ever built on top of XRPL, supporting the mass adoption of the XRP blockchain globally. The XRPL is the most scalable blockchain that offers the technologies and tools required for the Sologenic ecosystem, such as:

  • Censorship-Resistant Transaction Processing where no single party decides which XRP transactions succeed or fail.
  • Fast & Efficient Consensus Algorithm, which settles transactions in 4 to 5 seconds, processing at a throughput of up to 1,500 transactions per second.
  • Responsible Software Governance from the Ripple team who build constructive relationships with governments and financial institutions worldwide.
  • Secure, Adaptable Cryptography, which makes it possible to add and disable algorithms.
  • New Features for Smart Contracts such as Escrow, Checks, and Payment Channels support cutting-edge financial applications.
  • On-Ledger Decentralized Exchange offering transparency.

The company behind the XRPL is Ripple, who is working with hundreds of global financial institutions in the payments industry. With this in mind, the XRPL was the clear choice for the team to build the Sologenic ecosystem.