For Financial Institutions

Tokenization Brokerage Solution

SOLONEX is the most secure and scalable asset tokenization solution designed for financial markets on one of the fastest blockchain networks.

SOLONEX Capabilities

Tokenize Multiple Assets

Tokenize different asset classes such as Stock, ETFs, Shares, and Real Estate on XRP ledger networks.

24/7 Trading

Offer 24/7 trading of different asset classes even when the traditional financial markets are closed.

Manage Custodial Service

Manage custody internally or reduce risk and liabilities by allowing users to withdraw their tokenized assets to their private wallets.

Fractional Trading

Offer users the ability to trade any asset in fractions. Remove barriers to entry and enhance liquidity.

Launch Funding Rounds

Raise funds for companies in every stage and size using the latest blockchain technology.

Manage Liquidity

Manage the required liquidity across all markets by one simple solution.

Built For Financial Institutions Using XRP Ledger Networks

Powered by the XRP Ledger Networks

*Ripple Labs Inc., the team behind the XRPL, collaborates with over 200 financial institutions globally, underscoring the network's growing influence in the payment industry.

Censorship-resistant transaction processing.

Fast and efficient consensus algorithm, with transaction settling in 4 to 5 seconds.

On-ledger decentralized exchange for maximum transparency.

Secure, adaptable cryptography.

Evolve into the Brokerage Firm of the Future

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