Important Announcement: Learn How to Claim CORE Airdrop for SOLO Holders - 12 Snapshots to be taken in 2022.

Important Announcement: Learn How to Claim CORE Airdrop for SOLO Holders - 12 Snapshots to be taken in 2022.

Tokenization Brokerage Solution

For Financial Institutions

SOLONEX is the most secure and scalable asset tokenization solution designed for financial markets on one of the fastest blockchain networks.

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SOLONEX is a turnkey solution developed specifically for financial institutions, including banks, brokerage houses, investment firms and exchanges globally, to provide new services or improve existing services using blockchain technology.

SOLONEX Solution Capabilities

Tokenize Multiple Assets

Tokenize different asset classes such as Stock, ETFs, Shares, and Real Estate on XRP ledger networks.

Fractional Trading

Offer users the ability to trade any asset in fractions to empower users’ affordability.

24/7 Trading

Offer 24/7 trading of different asset classes even when the traditional financial markets are closed.

Launch Funding Rounds

Raise funds for companies in every stage and size using the latest blockchain technology.

Manage Liquidity

Manage the required liquidity across all markets by one simple solution.

Manage Custodial Service

Control the full custodial of the assets internally or reduce risk and liabilities by allowing users to withdraw tokenized assets to their private wallets.

Built For Financial Institutions Using XRP Ledger Networks

The XRPL is the most scalable blockchain that offers

Censorship-Resistant Transaction Processing

Ensuring no single party decides which XRP transactions succeed or fail.

Fast & Efficient Consensus Algorithm

Settling transactions in 4 to 5 seconds, processing at a throughput of up to 1,500 transactions per second.

Responsible Software Governance

Support from the Ripple team, who build constructive relationships with governments and financial institutions worldwide.

Secure, Adaptable Cryptography

Making it possible to add and disable algorithms.

On-Ledger Decentralized Exchange

Ensuring transparency at every stage.

The company behind the core development of the XRPL is 'Ripple Labs Inc'. Ripple works with more than 200 financial institutions from 40 different countries, which is a clear indicator of its growing prowess in the payments industry. Some of the leading global financial institutions, such as American Express, PNC, SBI (SBI Remit), and Moneygram, are using Ripple's payment network, RippleNet, for international transactions.

Become a Next Generation Brokerage

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