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Tokenize Assets On-Demand

SOLO holders have access to a wide range of stocks from more than 30 global exchanges. The infrastructure connects traditional financial systems with blockchain-based assets and enables cryptocurrency trades against any asset class. The three asset classes traded on Sologenic are stocks, ETFs and commodities.

Trade Over 40,000 Assets

The Sologenic platform tokenizes over 40,000 stocks, ETFs and commodities, which are tradable on over 30 top global stock exchanges, including Asia, North America and Europe.

Sologenic trades under the trading symbol of “SOLO” using multiple trading pairs, which will include USDT, USD, EUR, GBP and XRP. The currency symbol for the Sologenic token is “ƨ.”


Dividends are portions of company earnings paid to investors. Sologenic pays dividends, or fractions of profits, depending on the user’s holding, into their accounts in real-time as they happen. Whether assets are in self custody or Sologenic accounts, users who own tokenized assets can receive dividends just as non-tokenized asset holders can.

Stock Swaps & Buybacks

The nature of assets sometimes evolves and changes. When companies announce changes such as merges or buybacks, Sologenic notifies the holders of the underlying assets and provides a 30-day token swap period. During this period, users can swap their existing tokenized assets for new ones that have an incremented version.

Am I Eligible?

To begin trading, you must create a Pro or High Limit CoinField account, pass the KYC verification process, and have successfully funded your account.

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