About Sologenic

Revolutionizing Finance in the Digital Era by Empowering Individuals and Institutions with Cutting-Edge Tokenization Solutions.


Located in Dubai, UAE, Sologenic is a leader in global tokenization solutions. Renowned for the development of SOLONEX and the Custom-Built CBDC Tokenization Solution, Sologenic is driving a digital shift in the financial sector. It simplifies asset tokenization and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) consultation, enabling worldwide financial institutions to integrate digital assets effectively.

The tokenization services available on, which have been exclusively developed and provided by Core Tech Lab, are distinct from the decentralized services available on The latter is maintained by the Sologenic Development Foundation, or AKA the SOLO Core team, a dedicated group of independent developers working on various open-source projects and use-cases related to the SOLO token.

These two entities, while connected under the Sologenic umbrella, operate independently, each contributing uniquely to the vision of creating a more inclusive and efficient financial future.

Core Values



Asset Security

Sense of Community


To become the most influential blockchain-based project in the world by bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies.


To facilitate and implement sustainable paths for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency globally. Tokenizing the economy.

Meet the SOLO Team

A mix of 40+ professionals with expertise in software development, marketing, law and business with a shared goal to modernize the way we exchange value, online.

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