Decentralized Exchange & Wallet

Be in control with the SOLO DEX Wallet App – a free and robust solution for managing your cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and upcoming tokenized assets all in one place.

Self-Custody Made Easy

Security Comes First

Enclave and Biometric Authentication ensure only you have access to your digital assets. Import wallets using a passphrase, secret keys or numbers.

New to Crypto? Get Started Easily

Activate your wallet directly with fiat and easily navigate through an intuitive user interface. Web2 comfort, Web3 power.

Manage Multiple Assets Effortlesly

Send & receive any asset that exists on the XRPL and create custom trading pairs with the built-in DEX equipped with advanced charting tools.

Available 24/7

Be in control of your investments at all times and trade them at your convenience. Tap into the future of decentralized finance.

Revolutionize your trading experience. Be in control of your assets at all times.