Traditional Finance Meets Blockchain

Tokenize Securities On-Demand

Access a diverse array of stocks from the world's Top 30 global exchanges and seamlessly trade them on the XRPL Testnet along with blockchain-based assets within the Sologenic Ecosystem.

Connecting the Global Financial Markets with Crypto

Leveraging the XRP Ledger's fast transaction speed and robust security, Sologenic revolutionizes digital asset trading by bringing traditional finance into the blockchain.

Disrupting the Entry-Barrier

By allowing fractional share ownership, Sologenic eliminates limitations imposed by specific ticket sizes, providing greater flexibility and liquidity.

Multiple Asset Classes, One Platform

Tokenize more than 40,000 Stocks ETFs, and Commodities from the top global exchanges, and trade them against a wide range of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on the DEX.

1:1 Asset-Backed Protection

Upon purchase of stock, the underlying assets are securely held in custody, ensuring the integrity of your investments at all times.

Trade Anywhere, 24/7

Traditional markets operate in different timezones but the blockchain never sleeps. Be in control and trade your tokenized assets at all times in the decentralized setting.

A Hybrid Model for Cross Asset Trading

The Sologenic platform reduces the cost, friction, and complexity of traditional trading and transferring of assets by creating a simple, fast, and secure infrastructure tailored for the modern era.

Real-Time Dividends

Whether your assets are in self-custody or held on Sologenic, you will receive dividends on tokenized assets just like traditional asset holders.

Avoid double taxation while operating between multiple asset classes on a single platform.

Dynamic Stock Swaps

When mergers or buybacks occur, Sologenic promptly notifies holders and provides a 30-day token swap window.

Easily exchange your existing tokenized assets for updated versions, and keep investments aligned with market changes.

Join Forge a Strategic Partnership with Sologenic

Sologenic is seeking partnerships with licensed Broker Dealers across various jurisdictions. As a partner, you will lead the launch of the Tokenized Securities Platform in your region, managing operations while Sologenic provides the technological infrastructure.

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